Memorandum of Understanding


BBF | Research Library for the History of Educationat the DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education, Warschauer Straße 34 – 38, D-10243 Berlin


Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum, Burgemeester de Raadtsingel 97, NL-3311 JG Dordrecht


Skolehistorie, AU Library, Emdrup The Royal Danish Library, Tuborgvej 164, DK-2400 København NW


Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, here acting as a State Entity representing the Freistaat Bayern, represented by the President Professor Dr. Paul Pauli, Executing Department: Forschungsstelle Historische Bildmedien Campus Hubland Nord, Emil-Fischer Straße 62, 97074 Würzburg


Prof. Dr. Annemarie Augschöll Blasbichler, (Tenured associate professor at the Free University of Bolzano-BozenResearch and Documentation Centre for the History of Education in South Tyrol Faculty of Education, Free University of Bolzano Bozen, Regensburger Allee 16, 39042 Bressanone – Prov. Bolzano)

The signatory institutions have agreed to the following Memorandum of Understanding to work together as cooperating partners within the limits of their actual available resources as

International Network of Educational History Collections (INEHC)

for the mutual benefit and improvement of educational history information infrastructures.

Purpose/Aim of the partnership and goals of the network

  • Promote and connect international research on the collected sources in the history of education
  • Establish a platform for exchange between institutions with educational history collections of national reach on collection policies and access for research
  • Establish the multilateral cooperation as “International Network for Educational History Collections, INEHC”

Common principles

  • Intended digital networking according to “FAIR principles” (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)
  • Foster Open Access and Open Science in the History of Education Communities

Forms of Cooperation and Specific Projects

  • Having regularly international meetings on interoperable infrastructures
  • Create and maintain common register of collecting institutions and their collections
  • Support metadata exchange
  • Mutual support for integration into international infrastructures
  • Information about the partners` collections for acting as intermediary to them
  • Establish “national access points” to the collections for researchers


  • Each partner appoints representative
  • Commitment to participate in the (annual) meetings


  • Each signatory association is to bear its own costs.

Rules of Procedures

  • The signatory institutions agree to draw up rules of procedure for the network.

Legal Status of the Network

  • Nothing in this MOU creates an agency, partnership, joint venture or employment relationship between the parties or any of their respective officers, employees, contractors or agents.

Timetable until adoption of the Rules of Procedures

The Parties to this agreement aim to adopt the rules of procedures in October / November 2023 and then to start admitting new partners.

Original Memorandum with the signatures

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