The National Museum of Education (NOM) in the Netherlands is one of the founding members of INEHC.


Contact: Petra Reijnhoudt

+31 078 632 6820

With a history dating back to 1877, The National Museum of Education in the Netherlands, with more than 325,000 objects, has one of the largest education collections in the world. Unique, just like Article 23 in our constitution about the freedom of education that underlies the diversity in Dutch education. This diversity of objects is reflected in our collection.

Some of the important collections of the NOM


Persons: Cornelis Jetses – Johan Herman Isings – W.G. van der Hulst – Wolters-Noordhoff – Maria Montessori –

Subjects: pedagogical discourse and theory – socialization – teacher education

Media: Wall Charts – A/V media – books – children’s drawings – documents – editions – historical journals – letters – old prints – pedagogical lectures – school textbooks